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Are you ready to learn online? Six reasons that will make you click


In the 21st century, having a university degree and/or a master’s degree is usually a basic requirement when applying to new jobs. The digital revolution encourages us to develop new skills and tools that help us be more competitive in our professional growth. Also, competition in the labor market is increasingly demanding, if we do not train or train continuously as a soccer player, going to the labor court can be a difficult game to play.

Nowadays it is very easy to find ample sources of information thanks to videos on YouTube or Google searches. Fortunately, if we do an advanced search with specific professional requirements, we find ample professional training opportunities in the Open Massive Online Courses – known as “ MOOCs ” for its acronym in English. This modality of Open Mass Course or MOOCs are part of a new digital trend to learn online, which is more accessible to all.

MOOCs are specialized courses in different subjects such as economics, business, agriculture, climate change, new technologies, digitalization, education among others, thus being innovative courses of high quality. For the student, MOOCs offer a multicultural learning experience, as it can be learned from anywhere in the world, thus generating new professional networks, along with the benefit of accessing a certificate.

In some countries, costs, schedules and distances, among other things, may constitute barriers to access to formal education. However, MOOCs present opportunities to overcome these traditional learning barriers and adapt to the education of the future.

Six benefits of MOOCs

1. Access knowledge developed by academic experts and high-level professionals

The majority of teachers participating in MOOCs are highly qualified professionals because of their high educational level and/or impeccable experience in specific subjects.

2. Increase or learn from new digital skills

The student since starting creating an account on the platform to access an online course, enters a virtual platform, is part of the course and the dynamics that are not just tests or exams, from that moment the student begins to increase Your digital skills This is because the courses are being designed in a dynamic and innovative way so that the student constantly encounters an experience and a new way of learning online.

3. Increase our participation and team collaboration

There are several interactive activities that encourage the student to be in constant participation with their peers, such as virtual classrooms, interactive activities that invite the student to be actively participating with students of the same course.

4. Access knowledge from anywhere and at any time

In order to enter these courses, students need a computer or a mobile device with an Internet connection. All course content is available for participants to access it at any time during the course.

5. Verified certification of accredited universities and/or international organizations

A verified certificate can be awarded as evidence to an employer, school or other institution that an online course has been successfully completed. Also, the certificate can be easily included in Linkedin since it has a specific identification number. Similarly, certificates are digitally accessible (online) or can be printed from the same computer.

6. Low costs

Access to the training content of the course is completely free. But if the student needs a verified certificate, these are available for a low-cost fee that varies by course and provider.

Before leaving the labor court, MOOCs can be a modern learning modality to prepare us with new tools for the world of work and thus and successfully navigate in the new digital era.


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